Hohner 1305

We’re now going to talk about piano accordion fans. As we have already mentioned in the previous section of this guide, Hohner is one the most well-known accordion makers in the world. It’s difficult not to include them on this list. They’re well-known for producing quality products at all price points. We have the Hohner 1305, a budget-friendly option.

Its full name 1305-RED Student Honnica is what explains the instrument’s intended purpose. This accordion is great for beginners. It is definitely worth the price. An instrument such as this will allow you to perform at intermediate or even advanced levels, for smaller performances.

It’s clear from the features that Hohner spent a lot of time perfecting this accordion model. The mechanism has been improved to provide better response from the keys. This instrument is also very loud due to its resonant construction. We also recommend tremolo tuned Reeds as an additional great feature.

There are 72 buttons in total, 34 keys for piano, and 5 buttons to control the shaping of tone properties. The range of the buttons is G to E, low-high.


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    Brian December 14, 2021

    I am always a fan of piano accordion. This description is just amazing.

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