Fever F3112 – MX Button Accordion

Fever F3112MX Button Accordion is one of the most popular accordions. The accordion features 31 treble keys and 12 bass buttons on the GFC key. It also has 20 fold bellows to improve sound quality. The accordion features Italian-style decorations in pearlescent colors. It is made from sheepskin, which makes it last longer.
Hooks allow for one strap to be attached to the Fever Accordion. This allows for left-hand adjustable leather straps. This allows you to adjust the straps to your liking.
The F3112MX Accordion also has a key mechanism that allows them to move freely and without sticking. The pearl buttons and custom grill add a touch of sophistication. This adds beauty and elegance to the accordion.
The grill cloth has been designed to produce an acoustic and rich sound. The side lever’s air valve allows for faster air intake. The accordion comes with a lock case to protect it. The accordion can be carried easily without causing any damage.
Musicians of all levels will find the Fever Accordion to be a great investment as it provides the most smooth operation.


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